Postellation: a Lean and Deployable DTN Implementation

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Postellation has the following features:

  • written in lean and “vanilla” C → for embedded systems
  • Portable code: compiles/runs/tested on:
    • Linux
    • *BSD, MacOSX
    • Windows (from XP to W7)
  • Bundle Protocol[RFC5050]
  • Bundle Protocol Convergence Layers:
    • UDP
    • TCP
    • TCP-TLS
  • Transport:
    • IPv4
    • IPv6
  • Included applications:
    • dtnping/dtnpong
    • dtnsend/dtnrecv
    • HTTP/HTTPS Proxy
    • RSS news service delivery, such as NASA news over DTN!
  • Packagers for Windows, MacOSX and Linux
  • Automated registration of nodes to our DTN node and network:
    • No configuration to do.
    • And you are connected to the DTN network